Wellard: Texas sculptor, illustrator Glo Coalson at Bluffton gallery this week. Hear her story…

The public is invited to meet Texas sculptor and illustrator Glo Coalson Wednesday and Thursday at Four Corners Fine Art and framing.

Lowcountry Art: Charlene Gardner and Four Corners Gallery

Hear the podcast with Charlene on 278 to Lighthouse Road, a podcast about Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry.

An eye for impressionism | Stephanie Amato

Four Corners would like to share this write up on Stephanie Amato in Southwest Art December issue. We are pleased to exhibit her work in the gallery. 

Virtual Gallery Art Tour

By Nancy Wellard, The Island Packet

We have all been so impacted by the cornonavirus in so many ways, and our Lowcountry museums and galleries have responded to all government safety directives. ...

But here’s a thought to provide some visual arts encouragement until social distancing will no longer be an issue. I checked in with a number of art gallery owners in Bluffton, Beaufort and Hilton Head Island to find how they were dealing with these challenging times ... and further to see if they could offer all of us a “Virtual Gallery Tour.”

WHHITV | Holiday Shopping Showcase – FourCorners

See the interview with Charlene Gardner on the Holiday Shopping Showcase | WHHITV

Wellard: Busy Arts Season …

The biggest news on the south side of the Broad River is that Charlene Gardner is about to open her all-new, expanded Four Corners Fine Art & Framing gallery in the heart of Bluffton.

TALK OF THE TOWN | Charlene Gardner & Louanne LaRoche, Four Corners Gallery | WHHITV

See the video with Charlene Gardner and Louanne LaRoche on Talk of the Town | WHHITV

Evocations: The Art of Louanne LaRoche

By Michele Roldán-Shaw
I have always admired Louanne LaRoche’s work every time I would walk into Four Corners Fine Art and Framing. I was always greeted by Charlene Gardner’s endearing smile. Louanne’s work is always so colorful, free and unencumbered strokes, and expressive in many ways. Well, this month I asked Michele to interview her for The Breeze. Enjoy!

The Art of Louanne LaRoche

Artist Louanne LaRoche sits at her easel with the salt marsh and May River at her back. Dipping her brush into acrylic color, she adds detail to the canvas, a whimsical portrait of a blue bird in a richly patterned cage. Here in the studio she’s carved out from her living room, spirits surround her. Winged dog sculptures dangle overhead ...

Mary Adams on Architectural Digest

Mary was recently featured in the Architectural Digest as part of the Sculpture Walk.

Exhibit shows rare sketches by renowned Joe Bowler

If you are even a little interested in art, particularly painting, and have been in this part of the Lowcountry of South Carolina for any time, Joe Bowler is a name you might recognize.

Four Corners is celebrating our Sculpture show in a special way this year…

Four Corners is celebrating our Sculpture show in a special way this year. As a special honor to Judy Mooney, Four Corners Gallery will donate a portion of the proceeds from the show to fund a scholarship in Judy’s name offered by the Nobis project.