Marge Agin

Marge Agin presently resides in the Lowcountry of coastal South Carolina. Besides being captivated by local wildlife, she finds the images and lifestyle of this area fascinating. The scenery and surroundings are the basis of a good amount of her present work. Marge also displays a strong interest in the area’s history; her photographs of out-of-the-way places depict a slice of old-time Bluffton life. Her stunningly brilliant images of Lowcountry flora and fauna have raised the bar for nature photographers in this part of the world.

Marge’s work is an art form that encompasses the use of digital camera equipment and computer capabilities. The finished work combines her photographic talent, artistic imagination and unique production techniques.

Most images are offered in small, signed limited editions. Marge has also published two books of full-color fine art photographs that capture the spirit of her community. The first book is “Palmetto Bluff”. She recently released her second book, “Bluffton: Changing Tides”.

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